100 Days of Art History Jinjins


Jane Avril

This woman's snake dress is such a great fashion item, and Toulouse-Lautrec highlights it so well. As a bonus, this poster was also relatively simple to copy, which was great when I was on a one-a-day schedule.

There's some really fun and interesting information about the dancing scene in Paris, including information about Jane Avril, in the lecture The Dancing World of Toulouse Lautrec on the MFA Boston's YouTube channel. She had a very sinuous style of dancing, which the snake on her dress emphasized. I really enjoy Toulouse-Lautrec's figure drawing, and dancers really suit his style. (It's kind of shocking that this is the only Toulouse-Lautrec I did during this project since I love his work so much, if you don't know him then definitely check him out.)

Reference image from the Art Institute Chicago. Copies of this poster can be found in many collections, including there.

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