100 Days of Art History Jinjins


Venus of Willendorf

This is a famous ancient statue representing the archetype of Woman, so of course I used it for my project. I love ancient art and figurines. They have this mystique that makes them feel like legendary talismans emerging from the mists of time. They're also frequently extremely cute or expressive. I thought it'd be hilarious to put relatively modern glasses on this prehistoric object.

When choosing reference images for this project, I had a self-imposed rule to to only pick ones with no nudity. This wasn't really a statement so much as just feeling uncomfortable putting naked images of myself out on the internet. This entry is one of the very few where I broke that rule, and I only did it because the figure is so abstracted you don't really register it as an actual human being anyway.

There were a few other prehistoric figurines of women that I came across as I was doing research for this project. Ultimately I didn't get to these, but I still love them, so I'll share them here for you to enjoy: 3 Terracotta female figures; and this Female Figure.

Reference image is from Wikimedia Commons, contributed by NHMWien. The statue is currently in the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (Natural History Museum Vienna) and there's additional info on it on Google Arts and Culture.

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