100 Days of Art History Jinjins


Girl with a Pearl Earring

I think this painting is the most difficult one I had to copy. It's incredibly simple and therefore any error stands out more. For some reason I had real difficulty understanding the angle of this girl's head. Funnily enough, I remembered having the exact same trouble the first time I'd done this painting at entry 4. I'd thought that my skills must have progressed since then, but no dice--it was still a struggle.

I also realized that part of the point of this painting is how luminous the girl's face is. It's pearl-like itself. It was interesting seeing that effect change as I put in my less pale skin.

I can't see this painting without thinking of Scarlett Johansenn playing the model and accidentally revealing her red hair to Vermeer (played by Colin Firth, lol) in the 2003 movie "Girl with a Pearl Earring".

My last 10 entries were redos of paintings I'd attempted at the beginning so that I could compare progress and give the original artworks their proper due. You can see my first swing at Girl with a Pearl Earring at entry 4.

Reference image is from Wikipedia. The painting is now in the Mauritshuis.

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