100 Days of Art History Jinjins


Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga

I was happy to come back to this lady, her scorpion crown, and her stylish dress. I didn't really get the chance to do it justice the first time, and was looking forward to doing an actual portrait this go around. It ended up being pretty difficult to paint my face in this style while also being realistic, since the original is simplified from real human anatomy.

The art program I use, Adobe Fresco on the iPad, had recently released a new multicolor swatch function when I did this, making it a lot easier to make the small chains around her neck. That's now what I remember the most when I look at this.

My last 10 entries were redos of paintings I'd attempted at the beginning so that I could compare progress and give the original artworks their proper due. You can see my first swing at the Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga at entry 39.

Reference image from Wikipedia. It is now in the Uffizi

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