100 Days of Art History Jinjins


Italian Woman, Agostina Segatori

I spent a lot of the pandemic binging art history lectures on YouTube. The Van Gogh's Turning Points series via the Yale University Art Gallery kicked off a small obsession, and I decided I HAD to pay tribute to his swirling, vibrant later work,. I found a painting where a woman was the subject and went for it. I saw very clearly in this one that he was playing with his technique of vibrating color, where he'd place contrasing colors right next to each other in an almost pointillist way. I tried it out in this copy, and I think he was really onto something there. It was odd to see in progress but very cool to see it come together.

Later on I found the MFA Boston's lecture series which was also super enjoyable. Here's a good one (Which is conveniently in a playlist with a lot of other great lectures): Van Gogh: Paintings.

Reference image is from Wikipedia. The original is in the Musée D'Orsay.

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