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Robe à retroussis

This elegant image is by Gerda Wegener, a brilliant Danish illustrator. I learned about Gerda Wegener from the podcast Dressed: The History of Fashion and seeked out something by her to pay tribute to. (I'm realizing now that a LOT of entries were inspired by that podcast--worth a listen!)

She drew such elegant, charming ladies and is also known for her lesbian erotica. The women she drew were always self-assured and clearly enjoying themselves. Her sinuous, flowing lines are so satisfying to look at.

Gerda Wegener is also known for being the wife of Lili Elbe, the first trans woman to receive gender-affirming surgery. She was supportive, making many paintings of her. There's a problematic movie about this where Gerda Wegener is played by Alicia Vikander (I have never seen it and am not really interested). Art, fashion, history, gender, and pop culture intersect in the most chaotic ways.

Reference from the Artophile online gallery.

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