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Madonna of Mercy

This entry comes from The Cloisters, the Medieval-focused branch of the Met. I thought it would be cool to try for a stained glass effect, and liked this one. I thought it was a funny to see the Madonna sheltering so many tiny men in her cloak, and knew it'd be extra funny to draw a big me sheltering a few small mes.

Since I drew this, I've found that the "Madonna of Mercy" is a whole genre of Virgin Mary pictures which features this Madonna-sheltering-mini-people scenario. Honestly, I can see why it's so popular. Whomst amongst us doesn't want to be a tiny guy sheltered under a giant, gentle lady. (Or, I guess, a giant lady sheltering lots of tiny guys.)

I also liked this style of stained glass. It's very bold and simplified, and almost reminds me of playing cards.

Reference image is from The Met Cloisters, where this panel is today.

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