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La Premiere Imprudence

I had a lot of fun drawing myself in love with myself for this one! This entry is by George Barbier, a great French illustrator of the early 1900s. He produced a huge number of fashion and book illustrations, and they are all striking, sensual, and witty. I've spent many happy hours on Gallica, the French National Library's website, just looking through old fashion magazines for his work specifically.

This plate is from La Gazette du Bon Ton, a fashion and lifestyle magazine from the 1920s. It was lushly illustrated with a bunch of gorgeous fashion plates. They just don't make them like this anymore.

This fashion plate was made with a stencil-based technique called Pochoir. I learned a lot more about this from the podcast Dressed: The History of Fashion.

Reference image is from the Gallica, the French National Library.

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