100 Days of Art History Jinjins


Lady In Blue

This is a very lovely painting by Corot. I have to admit that I didn't know much about him, the painting, or the subject when I decided to paint it. I just came across it on Pinterest and liked it--I thought he captured her pose nicely and I liked her blue dress. I like that she looks lost in thought and seems to have an inner life. At the time I was very stressed out with freelance work, which is most of what I remember when I look at this entry.

Corot was mainly known for his landscapes but also beloved for his figures. He served as a bridge between classicism and impressionism, was admired by many of the younger impressionists and collected avidly by Degas and Picasso. He also seems like a real stand-up guy. He gave generously to charity, buying a house for the then down-on-his-luck artist Honoré Daumier, donating 10,000 francs to the widow of artist Millet, and helping to keep up a day center of children.

Reference image is from The Louvre, where this painting hangs today.

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