100 Days of Art History Jinjins


Mona Lisa

Here is the humble beginning of this project. I still remember drawing this at the Greene Grape Annex in Brooklyn (RIP), feeling ambitious and energetic. It was my birthday, and a few short weeks since I'd quit my full time job to go freelance. The world felt full of possibility.

I truly thought I was going to bust out approximately one of these per day and was therefore going fast, using a cartoony style. I must've spent 30 minutes on this, maximum. I figured that would be enough to teach me the basics of what made the original painting so pleasing to look at, and get the social media Likes that would keep me going. (Is it shallow to do things solely for the Likes? For better or for worse, it is something that motivates me.) I also had a vague idea of reinterpreting the paintings to fit my exact circumstances, which you can see in my outfit and the city skyline in the background of this one. But I abandoned that conceit pretty much immediately as you'll see from the rest of the project.

Toward the end of the project, I redid old entries to compare progress and give the original artworks their proper due. You can see my redo of the Mona Lisa at entry 100.

Reference image is from Wikipedia. The painting is now in The Louvre.

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